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    Company PLAST is a modern enterprise that offers disposable packaging. We provide You with different products with proven quality. Quality is extremally crucial to us. Therefore we are still expanding our partnership network so that we could offer our customers durable packaging at a great price. The company headquarters is in Łódź, and our warehouses are located in Łódź and Zgierz.

    We have prepared products for different industries. Our packaging is extremally universal and handy in branches such as gastronomy, industry, agriculture and horticulture. With our assortment, we can provide products for the office, medical and service industry. Products available in our offer can also be applied in retail chains- will satisfy the expectations of supermarkets as well as manufacturers and processors.




    The company Plast was founded in 1991 by a team of Technical University of Lodz graduates. It is a family business that highly cares about the quality of relationships with employees and business partners since two generations. For nearly 30 years of its existence, company PLAST run by successive generations of two families participates in economic processes and has witnessed the polish entrepreneurship development. While taking actions, we follow what is currently happening on the market, and we look forward to the future. That is why our business focuses on long-term investments. In the following decades we are pursuing the development of both the company, as well as it’s stuff. We have plans that we will consequently implement with the help of our partners’ and clients’ support.


    Many years of experience

    Company’s stable position

    Investment in the company’s development

    Qualified team

    Extensive products range

    High-quality products

    Competitive prices

    Quick order realization

    What makes us special is high-quality and fast orders processing system- we execute the orders on time and with the greatest care. We ship the ordered goods by our transport or by a courier’s service. We can deliver the order overnight anywhere in the country. Our company also handles export. Our product’s main recipients are companies both from the European Union, as well as from Moldavia or Ukraine.

    By following the procedures of Good Manufacturing Practice GMP and GDP, we guarantee the highest level of the service.

    We continuously study the market and our customer’s needs. We are doing our most, to follow the current trends and predict the customer’s expectations. That is why we have introduced into our offer products eco made from biodegradable materials. It is a part of our strict corporate social responsibility management policy. We are doing our best to take actions compliant with environmental standards. We also require our suppliers to follow the CSR standards.

    We also place a great deal of importance on quality management in our enterprise- we have implemented a multi-step control system, to help in the organization of that process.


    In 2018 and 2019 we have been awarded a prestigious title “Forbes Diamonds” granted by that magazine. For us, it is an important confirmation that our company still develops dynamically, while maintaining high efficiency of conducted business processes.

    In 2011 we joined the exclusive group of winners “Business Gazelle”, which means that we are among polish companies, that develop the fastest and at the same time are well-managed.

    Our company was also w prizewinner in Golden Payer Plebiscite, organized by Euler Hermes Collections. “Golden Payer” is a prestigious award for retaining the highest standards of payment performance. With pride, we can highlight that only 5% of companies on the polish markets meets those criteria. It means that the Golden Payer Certificate 2015 is an elite prize, demonstrating the company’s reliability concerning contractors.

    Company PLAST also has significant achievements in the field of creating safe and ergonomic workplaces and elimination of the risk in the work environment, which is confirmed by IIIrd place in The National Labour Inspectorate’s competition for the best Employer – Safe Work Organizer in 2015.

    Certificate of Business Credibility Bisnode validates excellent financial condition of our company. Only 1% of Polish companies can be proud of that achievement. The highest note, which is triple AAA, shows, that we are a stable and trustworthy company that conduct’s a healthy business. This evaluation is a quality mark proving that we are worth collaborating, dependable company. The highest mark of creditworthiness is a strong competitive advantage of our company.