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  • Mesh / sleeve for packing trees

    Polythene mesh for packing trees simplifies and reduces the cost of transport of the plants. Wrapped trees take up much less space. The mesh helps with moving the trees, moreover immobilizes branches and reduces the risk of damage in transport. This mesh for wrapping trees is in the form of a sleeve- you put it on a special tube, that eases packing trees. Mesh could also be used for packing the trees manually.

    Width: 25cm, 34cm, 45cm, 55cm
    Length: 300mb

    Colour: white

    Advantages of the mesh for trees packing:
    -protects the branches very well
    -reduces the volume of the tree
    -it is elastic and tear-resistant
    – frost-resistant
    -guarantees comfortable conifer’s transport
    -packed in the form of a sleeve, which simplifies setting it up on a tube
    -it is made for manual and mechanical tree packing

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