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  • Super strong tarpaulins

    Do you want to protect devices, equipment or outdoor furniture from harmful weather conditions? Tarpaulins with increased weight work well as a cover and protection for objects for a more extended time period.
    Protective tarpaulins are made for secure belongings exposed to the effects of harmful weather conditions. With tarpaulin, we can protect firewood, outdoor furniture, garden pools, trailers, bikes and motorcycles as well as construction materials.

    Our silver tarpaulins are characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage.

    Edges of the tarpaulin are finished with strengthened double edge and polypropylene string. The whole tarpaulin’s circuit is filled with aluminium loops spread out in around 100 cm, that allow to assembly the tarpaulin in all conditions.

    Most important properties of our tarpaulins:
    High durability
    Easy to wash
    User friendly
    Metal assembly rings
    With UV filter

    Colors available: silver/ grey

    Product of our import

    Sizes available:
    2 x 3 m
    3 x 4 m
    3 x 5 m
    4 x 5 m
    4 x 6 m
    5 x 8 m
    6 x 8 m
    6 x 10 m
    6 x 12 m
    8 x 10 m
    8 x 12 m
    10 x 12 m
    10 x 15 m
    10 x 18 m
    15 x 16 m
    15 x 20 m
    20 x 20 m

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