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    Double-sided adhesive tape is widely used in the assembly and construction sector. Therefore its potential is much broader than that. Our disposable packaging wholesaler also offers a wide range of adhesive tape that is perfect for any types of household activities, during art classes or in the advertising business, that is why it is convenient to always have it in a household or an office among other necessary tools.

    In this category, you may also find strong adhesive tapes with thickness fully matching your needs. However, a wide choice of sizes is not the only advantage of buying double-sided adhesive tape from our store. Another one is outstanding glue durability, which guarantees a much stronger connection than in case of using basic adhesive tapes and at the same time, it allows precise connecting nearly all surfaces.

    Designation: Double-sided adhesive tapes find its purpose in art, construction sector, general-purpose, sticking flooring and other.

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