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    Amongst our product, you can find disposable bags produced from HDPE foil. Depending on needs, they can be in the form of roll or block. Thanks to that convenient solution, bags do not take up much space. Packets we sell contain 100 or 200 pieces.

    T-shirt bags on roll are one of the most multipurpose products that finds its purpose in all branches. They can be successfully used in households and companies. Disposable bags are used in retailing for packing groceries and industrial goods. Their biggest advantage is space-saving and user-friendliness. Since HDPE polythene foil is extremally durable, the t-shirt bags on roll are strong, which is why they are so commonly used in supermarkets and local shops for packing fruit and vegetables. Bags are also frequently used for storing bread and sweets.

    Disposable bags in a block made of HDPE foil.

    White colour.

    Standard sizes available:

    White colour.

    Standard sizes available:

    Designation: HDPE bags are made for retail, for packing groceries and industrial goods. They are strong and user-friendly. Made of HDPE  polythene foil, commonly used in food aisles in supermarkets.

    We also import t-shirt bags on a roll.

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