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  • T-shirt bags on a roll

    Our disposable packaging wholesaler offers t-shirt bags on a roll. They are produced from durable HDPE foil. Our customers have various demands, that is why we have several variants of bags available:

    – smaller bags 21/11x40cm, 6µm
    – bigger standard bags 22/11x45cm, 6-7µm
    – bigger and thicker bags “strong” 22/11x45cm, 8-9µm
    – big and thick bags “ultra-strong” 22/2×6/48cm, 11µm

    Our t-shirt bags on a roll are packed in 20 rolls per box. Bags on a roll are produced in such a way so that they can have contact with food. Upon the client’s request, we can issue a declaration of conformity.

    T-shirt bags on a roll are frequently appearing in stores, used for packing fruits and vegetables. However, they are also commonly used in other industries.

    Designation: T-shirt bags on a roll made of HDPE foil are intended for packing food and industrial products- these are well-known disposable bags available in supermarkets on food aisles.

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