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  • T-shirt ldpe bags

    Popular disposable LDPE bags are solid and strong plastic packaging commonly used in shops, retail chains and various types of service facilities. They are irreplaceable while packing small purchases such as bread, vegetables and other groceries. T-shirt bags fit into purse or pocket and can be used multiple times. Bags quantity in unit pack: 25 (big) or 50 (small).

    T-shirt bags in a block made of LDPE foil

    We offer thick, strong LDPE plastic bags.
    Thickness: 51 mics.
    White colour
    Number of pieces in unit packaging: 50 or 25 (depending on size)
    Number of unit packets in collective packaging: 20

    Standard sizes available:
    25/6×45 up to 5 kg (a’50)
    29/8×54 up to 10 kg (a’50)
    33/9×61 up to 15 kg (a’25)
    39/10×73 up to 20 kg (a’25)

    We also offer big and thick LDPE T-shirt bags with a variety of printing on the bag handle.
    Thickness: 51 mics.
    They are packed in 25 or 50 pieces.

    Bags made out of plastic with a thickness of over 50 microns are free from recycling charges.

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