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    Vinyl gloves that you can find in our offer can be used by people allergic to latex. They are durable products that are a good alternative for traditional gloves.

    We offer a variety of vinyl gloves: safety, examination, disposable, slightly powdered and non-sterile gloves. Products available in our wholesaler are recommended for contact with food.  We want our gloves to serve best it purpose, that is why their shape is universal- they fit for both left and right hand, which automatically reduces the time of putting it on. Evenly rolled edge increases the comfort of daily work while wearing gloves.

    Vinyl gloves characterize with enhanced resistance to mechanical damage in comparison to latex gloves, which means that they can be used longer.

    Sizes: S, M, L, XL.

    Packing: 100 pieces/ unit pack
    10 packets/ collective box

    Disposable vinyl gloves designation:

    Vinyl gloves are made for household duties, cleaning and beauty treatments. They are resistant to fats (grease, oils, solvents). Therefore they are used in the food industry, gastronomy and catering. Protective gloves made of vinyl protect the skin from microbes, detergents and mechanical damage. Vinyl gloves are used as a hand protection measure with minimal risk.

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