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    Adhesive tapes for sealers / closing machines

    Adhesive tapes for sealers are made for quick, tight and convenient plastic bag sealing. These kinds of bags are made for packing various types of groceries, for example, sliced bread, dried fruit, spices or other products. Disposable packages sealed with the tape, are also useful while packing minor industry elements or assembly sets. Bag sealed with the tape is a convenient option for zip-lock bags. In our offer, you can also find a wide range of adhesive tapes for sealers and closing machines in many different colours.

    The type of the tape on the roll that we sell is an economical and productive product- one roll has as much as 66 linear meters with a width of 9mm, what allows to quickly, precisely and seamlessly, automatically and manually seal the plastic bags and disposable packaging.

    We invite you to purchase. We guarantee quick orders realization, also bigger ones. We provide full service and professional advice in regards to the choice of packaging and accessories.

    Tapes available in sizes 9mm/ 66m in colours: transparent, green, red, white, yellow, blue.

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