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  • Disposable HDPE foil gloves- economic line

    Our offer also includes foil HDPE bags in economic version, that can be successfully used in many branches.

    Advantages of foil ECO gloves:
    -thinner foil= lower price,
    -good quality,
    -available in blocks and on a hanger,
    -applicable for contact with food,
    -we issue a declaration of conformity,
    -our direct import.

    Sizes: M, L (loosely and on a handle).
    Colour: clear, transparent; knurled
    Packing: 100 pieces/ unit packet
    100 packets/ multipack

    Recommended for customers that prioritize the price

    Examples of foil gloves usage:
    Disposable HDPE gloves that are offered by our wholesaler are applicable in the food industry and on gas stations. Foil gloves are made for protecting the hand skin while performing non-invasive works or as a filler for other gloves. Foil gloves are used as a hand protection measure with minimal risk. They needed everywhere where hygienic and sanitary requirements exist.

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