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  • Disposable HDPE foil gloves- premium line

    We are a disposable foil gloves importer- premium line. It is one of our most popular products, that presents high-quality. Our gloves are applicable for contact with food. For customer’s request, we issue a declaration of conformity.

    Sizes: S, M, L (loosely and on a handle)
    Colours: clear, transparent; knurled
    Packing: 100 pieces/ unit packet
    100 packets/ multipack

    Foil’s knurled surface reduces glove’s slippage.

    Foil glove’s premium line is recommended for consumers, who care mostly about quality.

    Examples of disposable foil gloves usage:
    They are intended for protecting hands skin while performing minimally invasive works or as a filler for different gloves. They protect the hands’ skin from dirt. Often used as hygienic product protection, for example in butcher shops or bakeries. Foil gloves Plast are also used by supermarkets, for example on bread stands or by gas stations as hand protection while filling the tank.

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