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    We are experienced importing company- as a wholesaler of disposable packaging made from HDPE foil, we care about our offer to be complete and to include anything that the client could need. That is why it incorporates HDPE foil sheets, otherwise known as foil flakes. This type of disposable packaging is handy for storing groceries and industrial products. They are also used for packing products as cheese and ham, that are sold sliced. They are approved by the manufacturer for use in direct contact with food, and on special request, our packaging wholesaler can issue a proper declaration of affirmation.

    Foil sheets are packed in 2000 pieces. There are six packages in a box. They can be bought in few sizes 20x30cm, 30x40cm and 40x60cm.

    As a foil packaging wholesaler, we recommend available in our store product perfect for packing sliced food products like cheese, ham, fish, meat etc.

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