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  • HDPE foil bags

    Foil bags are commonly used while packing groceries and industry products. They are safe products that can be successfully used in contact with food. Locking by a closing machine makes it easy to use. HDPE bags available in our store are packed in collective packets in 1000 or 800 pieces.

    Foil bags are an all-purpose product, that can be handy in many branches. They are applicable mostly in bakery and confectionery industry, where bread and other baked goods are packed into. We also recommend t-shirt HDPE bags, that are used for packing other groceries and industry products- will be appreciated by customers from different branches. Our foil bags wholesaler offers excellent quality products.

    Standard sizes of offered HDPE bags:
    7/2,25×15 a’1000
    10/3×24 a’1000
    10/4×27 a’1000
    14/4×26 a’800
    14/4×32 a’800
    14/4×35 a’800
    14/4×38 a’800
    18/4×35 a’800
    18/4×42 a’800
    18/4×50 a’800
    28/8×56 a’1000
    15×20 a’1000
    32×40 a’1000


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