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    We offer our clients excellent quality protective rubber gloves flocked, intended for usage at home, garden, garage or in the utility room. Our gloves are safe (they own CE marking), and their texturized surface allows it to have an excellent grip. Flock, which is a cotton lining, that the inside of the glove is coated with, prevents hands from getting sweaty. What is more, it simplifies getting on and getting off the gloves. Our products perfectly save and protect hands from irritation, burn or mechanical damage. Disposable gloves and rubber gloves available in our store are irreplaceable while performing housework or cleaning. Applicable for contact with food are suited for use in the kitchen. Can also be used in contact with detergents and low-performance chemicals. Available in sizes S, M, L and XL in yellow. To match, we offer disposable aprons, that cover the clothes and protect them from dust, grit and other impurities- irreplaceable during seasonal house cleaning.

    Colour yellow

    Examples of usage:
    Made for household chores, cleaning, gardening or mechanical work. Protect the hands’ skin from microorganisms, detergents, cleaning supplies and mechanical damage.

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