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    Are you looking for material that will allow you to cover the devices, tools or a car? We recommend tarpaulins that are made for temporary coverage of objects, both indoors as well as outdoors. Those are durable sheets, perfect for covering cars, trailers, boats, sheds, construction and agricultural materials, wood, furniture and garden pools.

    Edges of the tarpaulins are finished with double enhances edge and polypropylene string. The whole tarpaulin’s circuit is filled with aluminium loops of the circuit of 12mm, spread around at the distance of approx. 100cm. 

    Our tarpaulins are:
    easy to wash,
    with metal assembly rings.

    Colours available: blue

    As a tarpaulin’s importer, we are able to offer attractive prices.

    Examples and possibilities of using tarpaulins:
    Tarpaulins are perfect for covering machines and devices and other materials, that are in need of protecting them from rain, humidity, snow or sun. Tarpaulins can also be used as hang out roof, sheets etc..

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