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    Woven polypropylene bags/ sacks PP are long-lasting packaging for many loose products for different industry branches. Knit’s structure of polypropylene fabric allows the bag to breathe, which is an important aspect of “breathable” products. We recommend our polypropylene bags. The producer can offer good value for money- we regularly negotiate our suppliers’ prices.

    Company Plast is an importer of woven PP bags.

    We offer polypropylene bags with the outskirt. Top of the bag is sewed, which protects the bag’s edges from tearing.
    In order to meet our customer’s expectations, we offer bags with a variety of fabric grammage (thickness) in particular sizes. 
    Bottom of the bag is double sewed so that it is even more protected from potential tearing.
    Our polypropylene bags are suitable for contact with food. We also offer woven polypropylene bags- producer and other suppliers.

    Colors available: white, yellow, blue.
    On special request, transparent bags are also available.

    Standard bag widths: 40, 50, 55, 60, 63, 65, 80 cm. Maximum bag height- 180cm.
    Other bag’s widths can be produced on a special request with the required minimum of production.

    We also offer bags with individual printing. 

    Dedication of woven PP bags:
    For the corn-milling and feed industry,
    For the bakery industry
    For packing coal, sand, hop, feathers, seeds etc.
    Bags are made for filling with sand and boosting embankments.

    Examples and possibilities of usage:
    Bags for sand, bags for grain, bags for packing sugar, polypropylene bags for briquette, bags for coal, eco-pea coal, bags for packing firewood, bags for packing vegetables, bags for flour, bags for rubble, bags for clothes, industrial bags, sandbags, agricultural bags, bags for feed, jute bags.

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