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  • Sandbags (PP)

    Are you looking for a proven way to protect your home or household from flooding? Do you need bags in which you would be able to store and transport sand? We recommend high-quality sandbags against flooding, that are used for sealing and building embankments.

    We offer high-quality sandbags that protect from flooding, made of tightly woven polypropylene tape, that is durable and resistant to damage material. We offer sandbags with hem, which protect the bag from shredding. We provide strong PP sandbags that are suitable for protection against flooding.

    Those are the most popular sizes of bags that are used to be filled with sand and strengthen the embankments:

    50×80 cm, 50×85 cm,
    55×80 cm, 55×85 cm.

    We also offer both sandbags in a smaller size (40X60cm) as well as bigger (60X105, 60X110, 65X105cm).

    Sandbags are packed in bales per 1000 pieces.

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