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    We encourage You to learn more about our packaging catalogue, dedicated to the gastronomy industry. In our assortment may be found many different types of packaging, that are a necessary tool for daily work of establishments like patisseries, bakeries, food processing facilities, supermarkets, and restaurants. We offer disposable packing, essential for gastronomy, such as HDPE plastic bags, breakfast bags, and aluminium foils. Articles such as disposable aprons, gloves, and plastic straws are also available in our store.
    Our products are multipurpose and designed to have direct contact with food. They are items that will help to keep the restaurant clean and also protect the hand skin from getting contaminated. Our high-quality HDPE sheets made for packing industrial and food products are perfect disposable packaging for wrapping goods such as cheese, ham, fish or meat. This type of packaging serves its purpose in supermarkets in the food halls.

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