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    Our vast stock of disposable packaging includes specialist products designed for usage in the healthcare and service field. We recommend products such as plastic aprons and gloves made out of latex, nitrile, plastic or vinyl. Those articles are available in different price ranges so that it is possible to choose the best option regarding demand.
    We also offer rubber household gloves for sanitary works and cleaning activities. In our store customers can find high-quality plastic shoe covers, that are required in hospitals, as well as in any other places where the maximum hygiene level should always stay preserved. For our healthcare and service industry clients, we also recommend plastic aprons, that allow maintaining cleanliness. At the same time, they protect clothes from water, chemical liquids, grease, dust and other detergents that can be stumbled across in any medical establishments or service outlets.
    For our customers, we have also prepared a set of products dedicated to storing, which amongst others consists of ziplock bags, garbage bags, medical waste containers, or resistant rubber bands.

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