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    At Plast company, we like to stick to the rule, that everyone should make their everyday tasks easier, that is why we have prepared a complex offer of office supplies. It consists of products, such as popular plastic bags that are closed by the zip lock. Those high-quality products will work ideally when storing some minor elements, that should be protected from moisture. Plastic bags available in our store are also appropriate for storing food supplies since they are designed for contact with food.

    Other top-rated products from our offer are rubber bands made of latex, used for many different purposes. In our store, we sell rubber bands with a diameter starting from 15 up to 100 mm of different widths, thickness, and colours. It is worth paying closer attention to our beige rubber bands with higher rubber content- this solution makes the material extremely strong but keeps it very elastic. Our assortment includes garbage bags, double-sided adhesive tapes as well as tapes used for packing, that can be purchased in a set with carton sealer. Another bestselling and universal product in our offer is stretch film, available in different weights and colours.

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