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  • Disposable foil aprons

    We are a high-quality disposable foil aprons importer. Products offered by us are durable and functional- they are excellent as an article of protective clothing. Foil apron is an obligatory piece of equipment in food-processing facilities, in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. Lab assistants also enjoy using it, as it protects their clothes from getting contaminated with water, fluids, cosmetics or grease. Our disposable aprons are safe for health and recommended for contact with food- on customer’s requirement, we can issue a declaration of conformity. We also offer foil gloves, that protect the worker’s hands during work, and they narrow down the contact with food products or chemicals.

    Color: white
    Size: 810×1250 mm
    50 pieces per packaging / 20 packages per box (brand Plax)
    Or 100 pieces per packaging/ 10 packages per box (brand Agro-Land)


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