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    Egg boxes

    Do you own a poultry farm and you are in the business of eggs selling? Or maybe you are looking for a proven solution for storing a larger number of eggs under appropriate conditions? Popular egg boxes are solid, convenient and guarantee of safe transport. Those are popular carton egg boxes that you can also find in our offer. Depending on the needs, you can choose a standard container for ten eggs with a closure or an egg box for 30 eggs, adjusted for storing large quantities of dairy.

    Disposable packaging- wholesale

    Available in our offer egg boxes protect perfectly from impact and allow safe storage of as fragile products as eggs. What deserves special attention is the aesthetic value of our products. For clients particular demand, we provide egg boxes with a print, that will help to stand out on the market and will draw attention to the product thanks to eye-catching graphic design. Please take a look at our offer and choose a box type, that is the best for your needs.

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