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  • Rachel bags with drawstring

    Do you run an agricultural holding and need proven technologies in the field of product packing? Or maybe you practice food supplies distribution, and you want to pack your goods in accordance with the highest standards? Rachel bags with drawstring are excellent solution both if it comes to storing as well as transport of vegetables.

    When it comes to packing potatoes, apples, onions, carrots and other vegetables and fruit, Rachel bag will work much better than standard disposable bags, allowing free access to fresh air. As a raschel bags wholesaler we offer products, that perfectly work while packing firewood- they are durable, extremally effective and also- very comfortable and available at good prices. Take a look at out raschel bags. We work with a manufacturer that offers different variants and colours- order the required amount today!

    Sizes available:
    30x50cm, 35x50cm (approx. 5 kg)
    40x60cm, 42x60cm (approx.. 15 kg)
    50x80cm (approx. 30 kg)

    Colours available:
    White, green, red, yellow, maroon, orange, bright orange, purple

    Woven raschel bags are packed in bales per 100 pieces.

    Raschel bags advantages:
    – durable
    – allow the products to breathe
    – ambient temperature and humidity resistant

    Examples and capabilities of raschel bags usage:
    Raschel bags for packing potatoes, bags for packing cabbage, bags for packing onions, bags for packing carrots, bags for packing cucumbers, bags for packing briquette, bags for packing firewood.


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