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    Zip-lock bags, that we import, are made for storing minor objects. Zip-lock bags are perfect for transporting small parts loosely, when the content of the bag needs to stay together and not get lost. As a professional plastic bags wholesaler we recommend products with a zip-lock closing, as it’s content is packed tightly and effectively protected from moisture.

    Advantages of the zip-lock bags:
    *high-quality zip-lock
    *thick foil (40-45 microns depending on the size)
    *convex red strip eases bag opening
    *round hole for hanging the bag
    *wide size selection from 4X6 to 55X55 cm
    *recommended for contact with food

    We recommend our standard zip-lock bags to users, who prioritize the product’s quality. For many years we work as a plastic bags wholesaler- we have extensive experience and developed strong business relationships.

    We also offer zip-lock bags economic line ECO made from thinner foil (35-40 microns depending from a size). ECO zip-lock bags also have an excellent zip-lock closing , red strip and round hole. By using thinner foil bags have more appealing prices. Recommended for users for whom the most important factor is pricing.

    Each of ours zip-lock bags can be used in contact with food. For client’s request we can issue a declaration of conformity.

    Examples of zip-lock bags usage:
    For separating and packing jewellery, coins, herbs, spices, tobacco, cosmetics, products samples.
    Zip-lock bag is without the doubt the best product for storing minor objects.
    A significant asset of the zip-lock bags is objects protection from moisture, therefore they are useful on the beach or while camping. We recommend products offered by our zip-lock bags wholesaler.

    Zip-lock LDPE bags/ Bags with a zip-lock/ Zip-lock bags

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